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I have a new musical project. I call it Days of The Mantis. The music is all freely improvised and features my regular bandmate Bill Higgins on drums, my colleague from UofM-Flint, Professor Brian DiBlassio on piano and I'm playing double-bass.


I received an invitation from Todd Sager last month to put a group together to record at Solid Sound in Dearborn. Todd teaches recording at Schoolcraft College and he needed a "guinea pig" band for his class to record. Free studio time! Count me in!

I thought that it might be fun to record some "free" playing. Todd said I could bring in whatever kind of group I wanted. The wheels were put in motion.


Bill and Brian have never played before this recording. In fact, they have never even met until the day of the session! Bill meet Brian. Brian this is Bill. Let's make a recording. Ready? Go!

I came up with some titles/themes and concepts for us to play on and I decided how long each "tune" should be ahead of time. I thought that this would give the music some shape. 

We discussed what concept or mood we were going after before we played. We then used the stopwatches on our smart phones to keep track of how long had been playing to keep the time constraints relatively accurate. We then just played... No chords changes, no melodies, just play and react each other.

The session was a lot of fun and we made some music I am very proud of.

Thank you Bill and Brian for you artistry and for thank you Todd for the invitation and for capturing the sounds!

Please give the mp3s below a listen and look for a new cd from this group very soon!



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